J.W. Roosevelt Washitaw Moor Sovereignity for the Royal Family LEBOU Empire

The present United states of America, being a federally incorporated state, a foreign corporation to the original 13 colonies (the only leg of legality the United states of America had to stand on [based on the distorted “Louisiana Purchase” document]), is a statutory system “that has done little but to rob its own citizens of their liberties, keep them under control, and keep them fearful of their own government.”

Despite the distortions of his-story, many scholars and people of goodwill have acknowledged, and continue to acknowledge, much of the great evil and wrong-doing that stain the pages of United States history. The National Archives and many other references hold information bearing witness to a Truth not printed in the textbooks we read and those our children and grandchildren are fed. One example is the U.S. Supreme Court in the 1848 case, the Heirs of Henry Turner vs the United States, concluded that, “…the Neutral Strip (2,961,983.5 acres of land) does not belong to and is not a part of the United States.” Another example is that the Louisiana Purchase involved “the streets of New Orleans and one military barracks,” not all the land claimed and recorded in books.

Though primarily a “Jewish enterprise” (by invading Hebrews, European Khazars, not the Israelites who were all black Jews), the pattern of capturing the Slavs (later known as “slaves”) became a useful “strategy” for claiming and stealing land in the Americas. What made the system work so well is that it accomplished the dual purpose of (1) stealing land from black, wooly haired aborigines, and (2) forcing humans into structured, free labor (like the prison systems of today). So well did this “slight of hand” deception work, it has been re-enforced as the principal propaganda strategy of all time: keep the people believing what appears to be true (but, upon deeper review can be seen as a lie!). The world is only partially aware of Hilter’s “Big Lie” campaign; and a worse menace, the murders in the name of “the A.I.D.S. virus” is, perhaps, human history’s “biggest lie” ever! Yet, the people of the world are being successfully ‘motivated’ to NOT SEE the Truth! Unless more people STOP BELIEVING LIES, it will be too late to stop the murder of millions, at home and abroad. In the United States, the focus has shifted to “members of the black church.” Government financed “programs” will ‘catch many in their testing-for-A.I.D.S. nets.’ Ever wonder, “How will THEY reduce the world’s population by 50% by the year 2020?” An increasing number of enlightened individuals are realizing the seriousness of their total subjugation and isolation from knowing the truth under the rule of the corporate United states government.

Because of this dilemma, many individuals striving for freedom have sought out alternative venues in order to gain sovereign immunity. Washitaw are freedom lovers who declare our inalienable rights and very much proclaim our sovereign immunity from the Corporate United States. As a people of peace and love, the Washitaw Nation welcomes recognition of our DIPLOMAT STATUS by all sovereign bodies that are signers and/or supporters of the international agreement that has come to be known as The Geneva Convention.

History of Our Washitaw Nation

Our Washitaw Nation is a sovereign body of freedom loving indigenous people who have existed all over the world and specifically on the “North American” continent for thousands of years. We were here long before Columbus “discovered the New World.” We, Washitaw people, who have always been guided by a bloodline of Empresses, are known as the “Mound Builders.” This is evidenced by hundreds of man-made mounds all across the continent, particularly in the Deep South. Our ancient territory covers much of the “North American” continent, and more recently evidenced in the area of the so-called “Louisiana Purchase.”

Freeing the Land

In an effort to acknowledge that the land can truly only “belong” to The Creator, our Empress realizes that She is being used by The Creator as a tool to protect the land and keep it free and intact for all the inhabitants thereof. Her lifetime effort to follow a paper trail back through time has led Her to discover that many claims to “ownership” of the land have little foundation. Her interest in freeing the land is so that All Washitaw– every tribe, people, and nation can have their homeland, on which to govern themselves.

Return of the Land

The Empress of the Washitaw Nation is a living heir to the lands of Uaxashaktun (Empire Washitaw). For over 30 years She has fought the State of Louisiana and the Corporate United States (almost single handedly) to get the land back that was illegally annexed. In 1992 the State of Louisiana returned a portion of our ancient lands, some 68,883 acres–now known as Washitaw Proper. See “Return of the Ancient Ones,” $50.00 (S/H included) from Ministry of Education, c/o P.O. Box 4277, Inglewood: via U.S.A. Postal Code 90309-4277. Washitaw Proper is not in Louisiana. The Northern part of Louisiana is in Washitaw Proper, a nation and country by itself, with no attachment of any kind to the Corporate U.S.A. Every year on June 19th the Washitaw Nation celebrates the partial return of our ancient lands.

Self Rule

The Empress has a title of nobility because She is the rightful, reigning Royal Family head of this ancient Nation. She fully supports self rule and a Sovereign Nation, run completely “by the people and for the people,” a concept that the ruling body of the U.S.A. has obviously long forgotten. The United Nations and World Court have long standing laws not permitting foreign governments on sovereign/indigenous land. So the Empress is calling for all U.S. Federal agencies and U.S. Federal statutes and laws to acknowledge our ancient lands, and the “diplomatic immunity” of each and every Washitaw sovereign. Her aim is to make available to all people on this sovereign land the opportunity to live without any obligation for paying property taxes, federal taxes, mortgages, income taxes, state taxes, social security taxes, and without using tax identification numbers, but taking responsibility for governing themselves under the Laws of Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom, and Justice. Her objective is that Nations of the world, including corporate United states of America, recognize our sovereign immunity from U.S. laws and statues, and enforce respect for Washitaw, wherever they might travel across this planet. Our task remains to educate both Washitaw sovereigns and citizens of the world, to our ancient heritage and our indigenous presence on the face of this Good Earth.

International Recognition

The Empress and delegates have traveled to Geneva… In 1993 the Washitaw Nation’s grant application was received as from a sovereign body and was officially acknowledged with the file number 215/93, and was entered in the United Nations’ Indigenous People’s Registry (as the “Oldest Indigenous People on Earth”).

National Instruments

Recognition through the World Court and the United Nations are critical in demonstrating legal and governmental sovereignty for our Washitaw national and international instruments. Sovereignty with the Washitaw Nation must be declared. This is the only step necessary, regardless of where you were physically born. An accepted “Declaration” constitutes your legal integration into the Washitaw Nation as a Sovereign, flesh and blood, human being. Acceptance of your “Declaration” further opens up the opportunity for you to voluntarily participate in Washitaw’s other services, traditions, beliefs, and programs.

Indian or Indigenous

We, Washitaw, call ourselves “Indigenous.” “Indian” is a Federal word, coined by Columbus who thought he had landed in India, when he found himself, instead, on Washitaw land! Now, the word indicates a federal U.S. citizen. Indigenous means that the people have a claim to the land in sovereignty, and any tribe, people, or nation claiming the status of indigenous is recognized and protected by the nations of the world through a set of international laws acknowledging their special rights accorded under universal laws of Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom, and Justice. By our Washitaw declaration we have officially left “the Union of states,” and are no longer a part of the so-called United States of America. Washitaw believe all people are equal, regardless of race, creed, color, sex, or personal beliefs. The Washitaw Nation is made up of the world community, encompassing all races. We believe ourselves to be the original people of The Creator, the “Mothers and Fathers” of all civilized peoples on Earth. As black, bushy haired homo sapiens, we can produce all other races; and no race can produce black individuals except black females and males. Our Washitaw origin makes us custodians of this Good Earth. Thus, our passion is to Love and Protect.

In the name of our ancestors, of “The Ancient Ones,” and of the Washitaw Creed of Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom, and Justice, I welcome your Love on behalf of “The Oldest Indigenous People on Earth” and Her Emperial Highness Verdiacee “Tiari” Washitaw- Turner Goston El-Bey.

Dr. Henry L. N. Anderson El-Bey, Minister of Education, Uaxashaktun (Empire Washitaw) de Dugdamoundyah

Copyright © 1987, 1993, 2002 by Uaxashaktun (Moorish Washitaw Empire). All Rights Reserved.


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  1. About the over throw of the indigenous people of Hawaii U.S invaded a non aggressive island and to date is still occupying many laws have been broken and it seems the U.N. isn’t doing nothing when will the nation of Hawaii be returned to its people

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